The chat from the fitter about my windows was great and I felt so much better after the visit.


West Hampshire

I feel safer. The chain and mirror for the front door are great, so I don’t have to open the door everytime now. The kids feel much safer and more relaxed now. There wasn’t anything more you could have done.


West Hampshire

At first I didn’t want any help but now I am so glad and grateful that I did.


West Hampshire

Just the equipment being there makes me feel safer. Thank you for everything.


West Hampshire

I feel much safer in my home. The fitter was really helpful. The Blue Lamp Trust have been wonderful and I will call again if I need help in the future.


West Hampshire

All is working great and you could not have possibly done more; bless you.


West Hampshire

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for the kindness shown in changing our locks, and fitting alarms. The children and I feel so much safer and it feels like our home again. Thank you so very much.

Mrs L

Meon Valley

On Monday I put in an online referral for my father in law to have a door chain and spyhole fitted. Within an hour or so I had a phone call from your Co-ordinator Pippa and she told me that someone could go round the afternoon of the following day. I spoke to my father in law last night and he wanted to pass on his thanks for such a brilliant service. Not only did the Bobby Fitter fit the door chain and spyhole, he also fitted a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector and was friendly and professional throughout.

I also wanted to pass on my own thanks. Pippa was great, really helpful and the service itself is excellent. It has already made a difference to my father in law’s confidence which means a lot. I will endeavour to highlight your service to our customers as I think there are a considerable number of people who could benefit.

Mr W


Thank you Pippa for sending Mark out to me. Although I live in sheltered accommodation there has been some anti-social behaviour that has caused me to feel frightened. Mark was very reassuring and quickly assessed what solution he could provide for me. I was very surprised when he said he could do the job straight away. I now feel a lot safer in my home.

Miss W


Following our conversation yesterday, I wanted to take this opportunity to Thank Your Fantastic team, at The Blue Lamp Trust.

Up until six weeks ago, I would have described myself as a fit, outgoing woman, with a zest for life. All that has changed due to being seriously stalked and harassed. The perpetrator has undertaken a continued assault upon my property at night. Although on strict bail conditions and a curfew, the accused has broken bail conditions and evaded the police.

I have become an anxious and frightened individual. People visiting me have been targeted and therefore I don’t want either to go out or have visitors. I cannot believe what has happened and how it has affected myself, family and the over worked external services. Pippa has been such a lovely vibrant person at the end of the telephone! Mark arrived yesterday and displayed humility, professionalism and skill. He assesses the situation and takes the matter in hand. I will now alert others to this truly amazing service!

Following Mark’s visit, I actually felt so much more secure and had the best night’s sleep in weeks.

Mrs C


My family and I wanted to thank you for all your help yesterday, you did a fantastic job in making our home secure and ensuring that we feel safe in our home. Thank you for being efficient and patient. You did a wonderful job and all with a smile.

Mrs A


My husband and I are grateful for all the help and advice you have given us following the burglary at our home. Thank you very much for the window locks and door alarms, we feel a lot safer now that those have been fitted.

Mrs H


Thank you for coming on Monday to give me practical help with my home security which was very much appreciated. I am delighted with my updated smoke detectors and enhanced spy hole and, most of all your other practical ideas which has made me feel far more secure in my home. I think that the Blue Lamp Trust is a wonderful scheme and should be supported.

Mrs B


I would like to express on behalf of my mum, her thanks for the time he gave her today. He was compassionate and understanding and was able to help her with locks for the window, a door chain and smoke alarms. all of which were received with thanks. Hopefully they will help her to feel a little safer in her own home after the trauma of the burglary.

Mrs W


Your Fitter gave me help and encouragement after the unfortunate incident in my home …. you have given me peace of mind.

Mrs S


I am writing to thank you for the prompt help and service you have given me today. Your Fitter found himself inundated with my problems but nothing fazed him and he cheerfully dealt with them.

Ms S


We would like to thank you for making our home a lot more secure.

Mr and Mrs L


Thank you for the reassuring service and advice received following the burglary at my home. Since your visit I have again been able to sleep at night.

Ms P


Your Fitter did all the necessary safety devices and explained all safety aspects which were a big help to us and a big thank you to him for all he did to ease our anxieties.

Mrs K


A big thank you for the support you have shown in making my home safe after the burglary.

Mrs D


The fitter’s advice and provision of further locks has renewed our confidence in the security of our home and helped us to recover much quicker than we would have done otherwise.

Mrs F


My daughter and I are very grateful for the practical advice, hands on help and giving me renewed confidence in living alone

Mrs B


A job well done and much appreciated ….. God Bless you all

Mr & Mrs H


Thank you for the guidance you gave to us when you visited my mother’s home. She is very pleased with the care you took in making her home safer. I think you were the first person to make her feel safe since the burglary by installing extra locks.

Mrs C


Not only did your Fitter fit and renew the locks where necessary, but he also gave us some valuable advice, consequently we now feel much more secure.


Mr B


I just wanted to say a big, big thank you to you and John for coming round to change Oli’s locks. What the council has taken two weeks to even contemplate, John achieved in just 20 minutes.

Oli will now be able to leave her home for the first time in two weeks and enjoy a walk – something that’s essential to her mental health. Thank you once again for your help. I’m now singing the Bobby Scheme’s praises to anyone who will listen.

Mrs H

The two gents who came to my home yesterday were brilliant both in the explanations of the work that needed to be done, and the way they carried that work out. I slept soundly last night. Thank you all so much.

Mrs G


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