Assessing attitudes and behaviours towards driving to identify risk.


Our Driver Risk Profiler is an online psychometric assessment tool to measure the attitude and behaviour of drivers. It consists of questions about the Highway Code, the driver’s history, type of driving they undertake, along with a series of statements about driving to which the employee has to respond. The assessment will detect if an employee answers untruthfully. At the end drivers are rated high, medium or low risk. This process is suitable for anyone who drives for work.

Aims and objectives

The Driver Risk Profiler aims to risk assess an individual’s attitude to driving by measuring driver history along with human characteristics including aggression, alertness, stress, dislike of driving, anticipation, attention, violation and error.

A report is sent to each individual highlighting problem areas and giving tips and advice so drivers can be advised where and how their driving can be improved.

Managers will receive the report containing a risk rating for each driver, so they can see at a glance which drivers pose the highest risk and prioritise coaching for those individuals.

Additional information

Managers are issued with a report on all drivers who complete the Driver Risk Profiler and notified of those who have not completed it.

Managed service options are available for clients who want the Blue Lamp Trust to manage the Driver Risk Profiler and driver training. We will be able to provide you with a bespoke range of solutions for ‘at-risk’ drivers. Please contact us for information on the best fit for your organisation.

Benefits to client

  • Cost and time-efficient compared with in-vehicle assessments
  • Helps managers prioritise coaching for individuals who need it most
  • Has a built-in lie detector to highlight individuals who answer inconsistently
  • A good first step to managing occupational road risk
  • Fits with HSE guidelines on risk assessing drivers
  • Duration 20-30 minutes


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