This page provides a list of frequently asked questions about the Safeguarding eLearning and Classroom based courses. If you can’t find answers to your questions on this page, please e-mail us where we will be happy to help.


Who is the Blue Lamp Trust
We are a charitable organisation based in Hampshire. We offer driver training to generate an income for our Bobby Scheme, which visits vulnerable and elderly people to help secure their homes free of charge.
How can I do Taxi Safeguarding training?
We offer two types of training – eLearning and Classroom based options.
Will I receive a certificate?
Yes, on successfully passing one of our course you will be issued with a personalised certificate that can be presented to your Local Authority.


How long does it take to complete the eLearning course?
The full course will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete. However the course is split into 3 modules and you can take each one individually. You will need to complete all three modules to successfully pass the learning course and receive your certificate.
Once I’ve started a module do I have to complete it in one sitting?

The Safeguarding eLearning Course is split into three modules, each being approximately 20 minutes in length.

Once you click to begin a module, you have to complete it in one sitting as with any exam.

However, you do not need to take all three modules at the same time, so you can complete these over a number of days if you prefer.

Only when you have successfully completed all three modules and passed the 10 question knowledge check at the end of the Module 3 will you receive your certificate.

How much does the eLearning course cost?
The course costs £12.
Are there any IT requirements in order to complete the modules?

You will need a fast broadband connection to run the video content. Without this it will take longer to load but should still work.  

You will also need an up-to-date web browser that supports HTML5 such as; Internet Explorer Version 11 or higher, Firefox Version 40 or above, Google Chrome version 35 or Safari version 8 or higher.

Can I use my mobile phone or tablet to complete the learning?

The learning is compatible with mobile phones and tablets but due to the use of videos in the course it will work better when completed using a laptop or desk top.

How do I get my certificate?

Your certificate can be downloaded and printed once you have passed the course.

I'm having difficulties downloading my certificate

Please click here for guidance on how to download your certificate

What happens if I fail the course?
At the end of the Safeguarding eLearning course, there is a test consisting of ten questions. The pass mark is 70%, and you get three chances to gain this grade.

If you fail three times, you are sent to a page where you can pay again to retake the course.

Because the questions are different each time, you will have to go through the course again.

Once I've paid for the course how do I begin?

Once you have registered and paid for the course you will receive two emails; a receipt of payment and a link to the eLearning portal.  (Please note that these emails may sometimes go into your junk mail folder). 

To being the course follow the link in the email to the portal.

If you do not receive the email but have paid for the course please access the portal by clicking here and entering your email address.

I suffer with dyslexia, can I still take the course?

To make it accessible to all, the eLearning course is narrated and the words are displayed on the screen.

Once I have purchased the course how long do I have to complete the training?

The course must be completed within 180 days of purchase.


How long is the course?
3 hours.
How do I book the course?

This is booked using Eventbrite via our website. Click here for further details

Where can I do the course?

Current locations to complete this training are shown on our Eventbrite page.  Click here to visit the page

Please contact us to discuss options in other locations by clicking here.

How much does the course cost?
The course costs £25.
Do I need to bring anything with me?
You will need to bring the following original documents:

• Valid driving licence.
• Taxi/Private Hire badge (if applicable).
• Course booking confirmation – printed or on your phone.

How do I get my certificate?
You will receive a certificate from the trainer at the end of the course after successfully passing the knowledge check.
Can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking up to 7 days prior to the event via Eventbrite. After this time you will not receive a refund and bookings are non-transferable.

All refunds will incur the deduction of the Evenbrite processing fee of £2.12


I suffer with dyslexia, can I still take the course?

The class room course is talked through by the tutor, everything on the screen is explained word for word and things can be explained and reiterated.

If you do suffer with dyslexia please contact the office to discuss arrangements for assistance with the post course knowledge check.

Can two people share a log in and do the together?

We do allow two people to share a screen to do the course.  They must both register and pay to attend.  Certificates can only be issued to those who have registered and successfully complete the course.

Both candidates must be able to be seen and heard by the trainer and actively participate throughout the course. 

As a charity, the Bobby Scheme relies on donations to fund our work. Please consider helping us to help the vulnerable and elderly.

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